My Origin

Digital Portrait

How did The Alias 'Babsy Quinn' Originate?

DC Barbara Gordon's Batgirl is a character I hold incredibly dear to me, especially now when times are dark and we all are desperate to discover that we contain some sort of heroic qualities within us even though we also have a few shadows to make peace with. I came up with the alias of 'Babsy Quinn' because while I feel like I am capable, intelligent and have it within me to fight for what's right, I always utilized my relationships with others as a way of defining me so I didn't have to put in the hard work of doing it all on my own.

Such as Harley Quinn, I have been noted as crazy, perhaps a little too lovesick and that as well as I can peel people's layers back, I struggle to find a true way of defining myself without needing a relationship or someone on the outside to do it for me. Though, like Harley Quinn and Barbara Gordon, I have it in me to break away from all the tragedy life has put in my way. I can define myself and be able to break away from whatever it may be that confines me.

With all that being said, I am trying to discover my true essence. I am hoping this website will help me out with this, especially given the fact I am still trying to figure out who I am, what I want to do in this life and where to go from here. I am quite sad a lot of the time, but also pretty content in other moments. I am a little bit of everything, I suppose. Just like how you are a little bit of everything yourself. I might lack a true sense of self and a whole lot of seretonin, but I sure do love fiction, cookies, and rainy/gloomy weather!

About The Digital Art Photo Of Me

Recently, I had paid for a commission of myself to be drawn in the style of Bojack Horseman animation because it is one of the very few shows to inspire something in me. I used the background for the final scene of the series and had requested the artist to add a goose in due to an inside joke between a close friend and I. Only he knows how much of a silly goose I am! The plant I am holding up is the same plant Leon from Leon The Professional has in the film. With these things combined, it made for a very personal commission.