Let Me Tell You About Pudge The Cat

July 7, 2020

I once knew a cat --

He wasn't a brat

Nor was he into eating rats.

His name was Pudge

The friendly neighborhood pet

He was every kid's favorite to hold

and Pudge would never mind at all

He was the best cat in the world.

He rarely reserved,

Instead he'd allow himself to crawl into the hearts

of all the neighborhood children and adults.

One day, he never came home

and I never got to say goodbye.

I hope he's ok, in a better place

Wherever that is, I just know

he's adored, being held by all the friendly ghosts of the past

I'll always love him,

for he was Pudge the friendly neighborhood cat

In Memory of Pudge

This page is dedicated to Pudge and all the other cats in the world who have since passed away or simply never came home again. I keep a photo of him in my wallet everyday. I will always love him. This is also dedicated to the three other cats in my life: Kitters, Pete, and Bubba. I love you.